SAVE THE DATES! • October 25-27, 2024

Stop #7 Guest Artist: Jeanne Brady

(hand screen and block printed textiles)

Artist statement:

Jeanne has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking & Drawing, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Surface & Textile Design. She is Professor Emeritus of Fibers from Tennessee Tech University’s Appalachian Center for Craft.

She continues to teach workshops in her studio and across the country.

"In my studio, I pursue both precision and play. One informs the other and both are rarely without the other.

My designing is deliberate. Yet I love doing spontaneous, free-form drawing – it is organic, playful, expressive, timeless, and distinct. The drawn details are the last thing I do on every functional item and are, in a sense, the most precarious. The result can be a disaster or a success. This tension helps me retain confidence and a no-fear attitude.

Wabi-Sabi is very much an integral part of my art making. I design & create products that look deceptively simple but are rooted in years of practice and skill – and are meant to be used daily.

Wabi-Sabi –  is the imperfect aged beauty through use and time.

I periodically question myself, “Why make products that are to be deliberately handled, meant to be used in the home, the kitchen or garden?” I always come back to the core of my practice: I choose to move past the fear of using something I created; to experience Wabi-Sabi in action. I want the richness of pattern, texture, and colorful products around me daily. We all deserve some joy on a daily level, don’t you think?!

My creations are gifts to yourself and others. Enjoy them, use them, wash & dry them. The inevitable wear becomes a patina, the signs of daily loving use.

Gifting and using my handmade creations are the greatest compliment you can give me. To know you purchased my artwork because you loved the design and used the items in your daily life keeps me working happily in the studio! I thank you!"

Studio Tour Location:


1618 Cripps Road

Liberty, TN 37095

(615) 536-5151

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