Kathe Reed's Beads

445 Big Hurricane Road • Smithville, TN 37166 • (615) 597-9452

Kathe Reed-Nelson

(sterling & stone jewelry)

Kathe is a retired engineering secretary. She has been making her jewelry for 23 years. She began her career as a jeweler by taking basic silver classes at the TN Tech Appalachian Center. Her love of natural stones is reflected in her one of a kind jewelry pieces.

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Phone: (615) 597-9452

Bryan Nelson

(chainmaille jewelry)

Bryan is a retired manufacturing engineer. He joined Kathe in making jewelry 12 years ago.  He makes chainmaille and woven wire jewelry using sterling silver, copper, and 14K gold-filled wire. He has added metal folding/formed pieces as well as coin rings (made from U.S. coinage).

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Phone: (615) 597-9452

Featured Artists:

Maggie Sunsera

(jewelry & hand-dyed scarves)

Maggie has been creating wood jewelry for 30 years, using exotic and domestic woods.

Her scarves are hand-dyed with fiber reactive dyes, indigo, and rust on silk and bamboo. Maggie is open to visitors by appointment (available weekends only). Call 615-653-2487 to schedule.

Email: sunsera.m@gmail.com